Science outreach

Engineers Without Borders UCL

I joined EWB in June 2019 helping to run events and designing two workshops electronics and microcontrollers.

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More images from the workshops here.

Science videos – Youtube

I am responsible for creating content for my lab at the Institute of Ophthalmology in UCL, if you are interested to learn how to image single cells in the back of the eye of humans have a look here:

Science comics

Comic strips can be a great way to address audience that is visually driven. Here is a tribute to xkcd

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Fairy by



Science installations

I enjoy making things and sharing the things I love. During my bachelor I made two installations which were placed on the hallways of my university.

There is music in the air.

In the noisy hallway you can hear notes by placing your ear at the end of the pipes. The frequency changes by closing one end.

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This is was a simple model which is based on tensegrity. I encountered this concept on a course I followed during my Erasmus in TU Graz. The course title was “Mechanics of biological tissues” given by Pr Holzapfel.

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