The goal was to investigate the effect of pyrolysis to the final electrode. Pyrolysis is the process of turning an organic substance into carbon by baking it in an oxygen free environment. During this procedure stresses are generated in the structures which resulted in delamination.  By optimizing the procedure stable structures were fabricated.

To test the electrodes cyclic voltammetry of Ferrocyanide-Ferricyanide was performed. See fig.3

The project involved extensive work in the cleanroom (multiple steps of  lithography, use of the ovens) and a thorough literature review. The material used to form the electrodes was SU8

Supervisor: Suhith Hemanth

SEM image of the microelectrode. Notice that there are two levels.


Figure.3 The area of the electrodes is increased resulting in higher signal. 1/2 steps refers to the number levels of the electrode.