As part of my Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical engineering from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens I did my thesis in ETH at the Laboratory of Biosensors and Bioelectronics.

A lot of effort has been dedicated to studying the brain. Tools such as fMRI(functional magnetic resonance imaging), PET(positron emission tomography), invasive and non invasive electrodes or optical methods have given us a top down approach. An alternative to these would be to build and study neuronal networks from the bottom up.

One part of getting there is to control the position of neurons. This was done using PDMS structures. Two structures were made. One millimeter sized and one with micrometers features.

In this project I got experience in microfabrication, soft lithography and cell culturing.

Supervisor: George LoudosLaszlo Demko 

neurons square.PNG
Cultured neurons confined  on multi electrode array.
Mask aligner and wafer on the hotplate.