The goal of this project was to design and fabricate a point of care device in order to measure creatinine concentration in the blood. Bovine serum was used. This effort was part of sensus, a competition organized by TU Eindhoven.

I was part of a multidisciplinary team, tasked with deciding on a method to detect the analyte. We decided on trying an impedance measurement which should detect the change at the surface. There we would have molecularly imprinted molecules(MIPs) which would be the biorecognition element. The MIPs were secured on the surface by electropolymerization of pyrrole.

In this project I gained some knowledge on the topic of electrical biosensors, designed and produced a holder for the electrode and did the electropolymerization of the MIPs.

Supervisor: Maria Dimaki

Microfluidic holding cell.
Electropolymerized pyrrole on a gold electrode.