As part of my degree in Physics and Nanotechnology, from the Danish Technical University, I did my thesis in IBM Research, in the group of Materials Integration Nanoscale Devices.  This work was part of the Nano-Tandem project, a joint effort funded by the EU which aims to explore ways to bring affordable solar cells to the consumer market by employing novel manufacturing methods and materials.

Our approach was growing InGaP nanowires on top of conventional silicon solar cells to increase the efficiency. It involved working in the noise free labs making (PL)photoluminescence maps of the samples to determine the bandgap as well as the overall quality of the samples. To access the crystalline structure HR-X ray diffraction measurements were been performed. Finally, to investigate individual nanowires cathodoluminescence was employed.

A paper with some results from this work has been published here:

Bologna, N., Wirths, S., Francaviglia, L., Campanini, M., Schmid, H., Theofylaktopoulos, V., … Rossell, M. D. (2018). Dopant-Induced Modifications of Ga xIn(1- x)P Nanowire-Based p-n Junctions Monolithically Integrated on Si(111). ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 10(38), 32588–32596.

Supervisor: Stephan Wirths (IBM),  Ole Hansen (DTU)

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